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Custom Modifications

Stage 4 MGB engine on Prather Racing dyno.

At Prather Racing Inc., we modify every engine for higher compression oiling needs. We also manufacture an expanded eight-quart oil pan with baffling that sits no lower than the stock pan. We have all the modifications and abilities to produce the best, most reliable and longest living MGA and MGB engines anywhere. Stock dampers are currently 20-40 years old and beginning to deteriorate. We have developed new damper systems that eliminate 100 percent of the harmonic resonance in these engines. There are three different options of damper setups. Our high-rev setup incorporate a cog belt drive and the others use a V-belt. The V-belt setup costs $595 list price and $475 racer cost. The cog belt drive lists at $925 ($775 racer cost). This setup allows for dry sump lubrication. The stock replacement damper for high-performance solo or vintage racing on a budget is only $225 for a very nice unit.



Other high-performance parts available through Prather Racing are:

- Custom camshafts for all stages of engines. Our cams have the correct Hertz pressure for the 0.812 MG lifter. This means they will have the power you want, where you want it and the cam will live.
- Crank preparationódeep nitriting, cross drilling and exchange.
- Cylinder head service from freshening up to full porting.
- Lightened and balanced flywheels.
- High volume oil pump modifications.
- Distributor re-curving and service.
- Custom pistons and offset boring.

We have also developed a rear disc brake conversion for MGAs and MGBs. The kit comes with custom rotors, Wilwood calipers with Hawk black pads, custom brackets and all the required hardware for $625.



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