September 10, 2007


Update!! - We received a phone call from Race Engineering expressing concern over what transpired and an apology for our experience. We appreciate the call and hope that something positive can come out of what happened. We'll keep the original text here that prompted the call... 

Be careful when using a piston company in Florida called “Race Engineering.” We ordered a set of pistons on 3-27-07 and were told a 3 week delivery. These were custom pistons so I assumed 5 or 6 weeks. John, my salesperson, had nothing good to say about my regular piston manufacturer, Venolia, so I should have worried then. 

At 6 weeks and no progress, I became the squeaky wheel. I needed to talk to the engineer and was not allowed. What was supposed to be an easy project for Race Engineering, who uses CP Pistons out of California, became a harder project than they expected. They then upped the price. I agreed if it could get started. 

At 8 weeks, they decided they couldn’t do the project after all and were simply going to send my examples and old pistons back to me and I was just out of luck. I contacted JE Pistons, a different Piston manufacturer, and they said “no problem." 

It then took 2 weeks for John at Race Engineering, who said the examples were at CP Pistons, to get my examples sent to the new manufacturer, JE Pistons. Both places are in Huntington Beach, Ca.!!

This is the worst service of any kind I have experienced as an engine builder and felt my experience should be known. CP Pistons may have a good product, however I never saw one. Both Venolia Pistons and JE Pistons are products I have used and are both upright and courteous people to deal with. Because of Race Engineering in Florida, it took 16 weeks to get my custom pistons. Beware!!

Kent Prather


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