2009 Oil Report 

February 12, 2009 -- It seems we are constantly changing brands of oil or recommending a new mix of lubricants.  Actually, oil and fuel have become a source of major concern for the last 5-6 years, so we are always researching and testing new products.  If you read my article from 2007, you have our basis of concern.  Itís not the good old days when you could trust Kendall GT1 to get the job done.

We have 3 different types of engines we work with.  The flat tappet engine like the MGís, the overhead camís like the Miataís, and the rotary engines.

Flat tappet engines need 1600 ppm of zinc.  Race flat tappet engines need to be around 2000 (2500 for break in).  We use Brad Penn, Red Line, and Torco oils here.  The Brad Penn has 1500 ppm of zddp.  Any oil with an energy-conserving label has a level less than 800 ppm.  Valvoline VR1 is around 1200 and we have heard good reports on it, but it is only best when using 20W-50. 

Check out the product Cam-Shield (www.cam-shield.com).  We tested Cam-Shield and it does indeed do what they claim.  Each ľ ounce of cam shield per quart adds 800 ppm of zddp, which is zinc and phosphorus.  So, street flat tappet engines can use any oil with ľ ounce of cam shield added or Brad Penn straight.  Racing flat tappet engines need Brad Penn with ľ ounce of cam shield added.  Brad Penn is working on a 15W-40 racing oil but for now only carry 10W-30 and 20W-50.  We have always said to change the oil before every race weekend when you check your valves hot and race prep your car.  Simply mix the two weights for colder weather then use straight 20W-50 for the summer months.

The Miata engines with their overhead cams and lighter spring pressures donít have any of these issues, so a good racing oil is fine in a 15W-40 weight.  The rotary engines obviously donít have cams so a good 15W-50 is great for rotary engine bearings.

Thanks for listening and being as concerned as we are that your Prather Racing engine will continue to perform as it did on the dyno.



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